Monday, December 21, 2009

Whew! Mission: Accomplished

As you very well know, I got engaged this past Semptember....and I have really been thinking hard about who I wanted to be in my bridal party...and I finally decided!!!

Ive known for a while, even before we were engaged, that I wanted to ask my bridesmaids in a special way, I just couldnt figure out how. A few weeks ago, I finally decided how I was going to do it, and I set my plan in motion.

I was going to make Christmas Ornaments that said "Will you be a bridesmaid 10-16-2010?"

My roomate in Memphis and I headed out to Michael's to buy the materials and we had a blast. Picking out glass ornaments, the right paint colors and trying to find the best way to write the words.

I painted 8 glass balls a 14k gold color and picked out a red paint pen to write with. I ended up not liking the paint pen because it was too red, almost pink, so I headed to Michaels in LR to find the perfect red. I found it, but the problem was, it wasnt a paint pen, it was a little bottle of red, so I bought a variety pack of paint brushes and headed home.

The brushes ended up not worked well at all, so i found an old skinny crayola marker and dipped the felt tip into the paint and blotted the paint over the letters to make it stand out. I think it ended up looking pretty grand, if I say so myself!

I worked on ornaments for a little over 2 weeks, and had it planned out in my head who I would ask when. I knew I was going to ask Stephanie first for a few reasons, one being that I wouldnt see her until after Christmas unless we saw eachother one night for dinner and two, she is the reason Brad and I are together.

I made 8 bridesmaids ornaments and one best man ornament so Brad could give his best friend Jordan one when I gave Stephanie (his wife) hers at dinner one night.. They both said yes, and my plan was starting to work out well.

Next, I wrapped up two of the ornaments in bubble wrap and shipped them off to Trisha in Pennsylvania and Ashley in New Orleans. Trisha and Ashley are two of my best friends from High School. Trisha got hers within a few days, and Ashley didnt get hers until a week later! Oh well, they both got them, loved them and they said yes!!!

The last part of Mission:Bridesmaid was our friend Christmas party on December 18th. My friends and I get together every year for a girl party and have a potluck and just spend some time together. I knew this would be the ONLY time we would all be together, so I was so excited to finally ask them all!!! I wrapped each of thiers in a box and had a card on the top of each box with thier name and the card had a personal message to each one of them.

When I got there, I put the presents under the tree and assured them that I did NOT buy them anything, I made them something! Dinner wasnt quite ready yet, so we decided to do presents. I passed out the gifts and told them all that there were a few rules; 1) They had to open the presents all at the same time and 2) they couldnt read the card until AFTER they opened the stomach was in knots.

They opened thier gifts and they all said YES!!! WHEW! Mission: Accomplished.

Here is a picture of the ornament I made...

YEA!!! My wedding is starting to come together and I cant wait until all of my plans are final and I can just relax with my fiance and with my bridesmaids and have a BLAST!!

The bridesmaids are:
Cara Beth Walker Buie
Jessie Watts Doose
Jessica Arthur
Alicia Slover
Andrea Dean
Ashley Kessler
Trisha Noble Hagge
Stephanie Henry Verdell

WOO HOO!!!!!

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