Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tagged...and retagged....

I was tagged a few weeks back by Mrs. Doose...and in honor of her one year anniversary...i will complete my tag and pass it on (maybe)

How you do this...I am pretty sure...is to fill it out....and say some names at the bottom of who you tagged....hmmmm

Eight things I look forward to:
1. Spending the weekend in Memphis with Brad
2. Starting my first REAL job with my degree (even though its part time)
3. Eventually getting engaged...no real rush on this one though
4. Completely paying off my student loans (not real rush here either...it will be AT LEAST 10 years)
5. Lake days this summer
6. Florida vacation with Brad, the Buie's, the West's, and Lisha/Alex
7. American Idol concert in July....8th row baby!!!
8. Being a homeowner....again, no rush...no immediate plan either

Eight things i did yesterday:
1. I was INCREDIBLY lazy
2. Ate Wendy's
3. Drove back to Memphis
4. Listen to my illegally burned Kris Allen cd
5. Unpacked my car (but not the bags)
6. Ordered a pizza
7. Watched Charm School on VH1
8. Kissed Brad goodbye

Eight things I wish I could do:
1. Be on a reality tv show
2. Make lots of $$$
3. Dance for a living
4. Do my own hair...all ive got in my arsenal is wash/condition and curl it with curlers
5. Pay off my student loans
6. Get a job in Little Rock (I am praying for God's perfect timing)
7. Be famous
8. Work out long enough for it to make a difference

Eight shows i watch: (I watch lots of tv b/c i live alone in a city where I know NO ONE)
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Private Practice
3. American Idol/So You Think You Can Dance
4. Any VH1 trashy reality show (Charm School, Rock of Love, Daisy of Love, Tough Love, etc)
5. Monday night Man-Show line up (Big Bang Theory, 1 1/2 men, How I met your mother)
6. Lie to ME
7. Lock-up (Its a prison show on MSNBC)
8. Ugly Betty (sometimes)

That is all Ive got!!!

Ive got to tag some people now....KIRBY, REBECCA ATCHERSON, JULEE.....hmmm...to be continued later

Thursday, May 21, 2009


After months of devoting my life (okay, maybe just tuesday and wednesday evenings) to American Idol...it is over.

I have NEVER watched a season of American Idol before....not even the first one when Kelly Clarkson won....but this year was different...

There was an Arkansan in the top 13 and that, for one, was exciting to me. Not only was he a local musician who I have heard play on occasion, he also became one of the best representatives for this state I have ever known of.

Honest, humble, kind, genuine, I could go on and on and on....but after YEARS of our state having the reputation for "inbreeding", "going without shoes", Bill Clinton, Houston Nutt....etc etc....it is our time to show that not only do we have talent, we have charm (and the uncanny ability to produce 38 million votes in one night when there are only 3 million Arkansans)

I jokingly made the comment that Houston Nutt single handedly tore our state apart and Kris Allen single handedly has brought us back together...in a state where your "professional team" is the Arkansas Razorbacks...you learn to become a unified force....and Arkansans love Arkansans...

I will admit, I have only contributed to the voting the past 3 weeks....but I will also brag (or hang my head in shame) that tuesday night I managed to muster up 1330 votes for our one and only Kris Allen.

Not only does he have the talent, he has the charisma, and I do not feel that America could have made a better decision.

He has the most precious wife that I dont think he has gotten to touch since all the Idol madness has started....here is a picture of them right after he won last night!!!
Way to go Kris!!!! Arkansas is proud of you!!! Thank you for giving to us!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Update on life....

May 16th...Au.D. Graduation (im trying to figure out how to upload at slideshow)

Bradley and I after graduation...
Amy B Galdemez (M.D.) and I (Au.D) after graduation....we have known each other since kindergarten

Me...my cap and gown...fake diploma...and flowers (from my mom and grammy)
Andrea and I in our "doctor" hoods
My daddy and I
My Grammy, Mom and myself
My grammy and I
Me, Lisha, Andrea and CB at celebration dinner
Lishy and I
Mrs. Doose and I
Cara Beth Buie and I
The graduates and our cake....I love cake!!!
The celebration table....Gov. Mike Beebe came to congratulate us!!!

The girls at the end of dinner....

April 18th....Sausage and Cassie's wedding...

Sausage (his real name is Nathan) got married to a WONDERFUL girl named Cassie....Bradley and I were invited and we had a blast!

The bride and groom...
The boys trying to catch the garter....Brad's roomate caught it
My love-bug (Brad) and myself


March 27th....Pat Green

The girls and I went to see Pat Green at the Rumba Room in Little Rock...it was so much fun...here are some pictures from that night...

The playlist....
Pat Green...the man, the legendMrs. Doose and I at dinner beforehand....

CB, Andrea, Jessica, Lisha and myself....
CB and I...we were pretty excited.
Jess, Lisha, and myself

How long have you been graduated?

This JUST happened and I am too excited not to share it IMMEDIATELY!!!

As you know, I graduated this past weekend....I am officially a Doctor of Audiology....therefore I have been SUPER pumped about finally getting to introduce myself to my patients at "Dr. Hall". Ive been practicing it in my head!

I called back my first patient this morning, took him to the ear wash room, and introduced myself...."Good Morning Mr. So-and-So. I am Doctor Hall and I will be working with you this morning".....we continued with our conversation about his hearing, etc...I had butterflies in my stomach after finally getting to say it!

When I took him back to the testing booth, I was placing the ear tips in his ears, and he asked me..."How long have you been graduated?"

I responded...."That is a funny question, I just graduated on Saturday!"

He congratulated me and said he was happy to be my first patient as an official doctor. At the end of the appointment, he told me I did a great job and he was glad to have me at the VA hospital....It was an all together positive first experience!!!!

I also got to sign my first audiogram "Whitney Hall, Au.D."


Just had to share!!!!


I GRADUATED!!!!! A day I NEVER thought would arrive has come and gone in the blink of an eye.

I will post pictures of all of Bradley and I's recent adventures (Derby, weddings, Kris Allen)...and I can add this one to the list....I GRADUATED WITH MY Au.D.!!!

After graduation, Bradley, myself, my mom, dad and grammy went to dinner at Copper Grill...we celebrated with Andrea (who also graduated), her whole family and our friends (Jessie Doose, Scott Doose, Cara Beth Buie, and Alicia Slover)....

Afterward...the plan was to party it up downtown...but being 26 and EXHAUSTED from the whole weekend of events....we all opted for 1 or 2 drinks and then headed to our homes

Thank you again to everyone who attended the graduation and/or celebration!!!