Thursday, February 26, 2009

Countdown updated...

79 days until graduation

191 days until Florida (tropical drinks and sandy beaches)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

going green

Ive decided what I am going to do for Lent

I am going to go green...ive been thinking about doing it anyway...but needed a little kick in the pants to do it. I dont know what all it entails, but knowing my best friend Cara Beth, I have a feeling I know who to ask.

So that is what I am going to do for Lent...i am going to give up being a parasite on our environment....starting NOW....

I just need to learn what to do!

I am also going to ATTEMPT to give up gluten (by suggestion of Cara Beth) but I dont know how I am going to survive that!

If she can do it (b/c she has to do it) then I can do it for her!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi dilema

81 days until graduation

193 days until FLORIDA!!!!

I am not Catholic

I am not French, Louisianian, or Cajun

I do like a good party and I do like a good reason to give up something bad for me.

I have only been to a Mardi Gras celebration senior year in high school, my girlfriends and I went down to Galveston Tx for the was fun!

Ive been on Bourbon a few random summer weekend, New Years, etc....but never Bourbon for Mardi Gras...i plan on going next year (it will be interesting to check this post in a year to see if I actually went)

Im applying for a job in New Orleans, so if I live there, surely I will go to Mardi Gras...isnt the whole city shut down anyway?

Back to my post up something bad for me...

I was thinking this morning about what I want to give up for Lent...(reminder, i am not Catholic)

I like to try to see if I can give up something until record so far is Lent:25 Whit:0
I always end up forgetting or just giving up (see the lack of religious backing?)

I thought about giving up Soda...but I already dont drink soda, so that is pointless

What about chocolate...i dont eat that much chocolate either...or cake, cookies, etc.

Fried foods....but why should I suffer from French Fry withdrawls when I eat them MAYBE once a week as it is?

Wine?....ok, moving on...lets be serious here people

I thought about giving up being lazy...but I have already started working out, so that doesnt apply to me either.

I would love to say I would give up spending money on frivilous things...but since moving to Memphis, I have already done that because I dont like leaving my apartment after dark and I am at work during the hours of there is no more fun spending in my life.

I just dont know what I should give up....Any suggestions?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on previous blogs

82 days until graduation (dont worry, i still dont have a job)

194 days until Florida

I am currently working on applications for Shreveport, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. I am currently praying that the jobs at the Little Rock VA will open up soon!

I would appreciate your prayers as well (and that I will get one of the LR jobs, if that is God's plan)

Update on Baby Reagan (not so much a baby, but MY baby):
The vet ended up doing an x-ray of her leg/shoulder and said that he saw no fractures, breaks, dislocation, so that is a good sign! He said it must be a strain or pull and that she is probably more afraid of putting weight on that leg than she is hurting...PRAISE THE LORD! I do have her on a pain pill for the next few hopefully she will be up and running like normal soon!
Maybe my dog is a faker....therefore, the Academy Award should go to my dog, Reagan, for best performance in a

Update on my 2nd Valentine's gift from Bradley:

Thursday night I drove in to LR and stopped off at Brad's b/c he had left my present there. When i walked in...there was a plastic (looked like a garbage) bag on the kitchen table...I walked over to it, ripped it open, and saw two smaller plastic bags. I opened one up and to my surprise...Brad had gotten me a....SNUGGIE!!! I took one with me to Jessica's to wear while watching Greys. He had gotten the 2 for 1 deal, so i am going to leave one in Memphis and one at his place so i dont have to pack it every pumped!!!
ALSO...while at dinner last night with Lisha and Brad, we were discussing my necklace that Brad had gotten me....(see previous posts for picture)...and Lisha informed me that it has a meaning...I guess Brad forgot to mention it...LOL
The necklace is called the "Journey Diamond" and it is symbolic of how the diamond grows on the necklace, love grows...and it celebrates a lifetime's journey of love together. I thought that was sweet! When I was giving Brad a hard time about not telling me about the meaning, he replied with..."You had just given me 12 months of Beer...I was distracted"
LOL....he makes me laugh! For those of you who KNOW him, that statement was not as "macho" as it may sound...

I have to work, so thats all the update i have for right now....

Have beautiful days!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

I can NEVER be too careful

86 days until graduation!!!!
198 days until Florida!!!!

Ok...up until I moved to Memphis, i had lived a fairly sheltered life. Went to a private school for junior/senior high that was a few blocks from my home, immediately moved to Arkadelphia to attend Ouachita BAPTIST University, and then moved home with my daddy for graduate school.

I have never met a stranger and will talk to needless to say, this evoked some worry in my father before I moved to a strange city that isnt exactly Mayberry....

Before I moved here, my dad wrote an article about my upcoming relocation plans and how he will miss me but he hopes I will keep my head up and stay response, he received SEVERAL (im downplaying the number) emails from readers who have "watched" me grow up sharing thier own safety tips and horror stories from living in Memphis or having loved one who lived here (and got mugged). My dad forwarded each and every one of them to me.

Now, i live in a bubble....a bubble of FEAR....when I used to go to Target in LR, i would walk out to my car, possibly on my cell phone, digging in my purse looking for my keys...i was the IDEAL target for someone and that NEVER crossed my mind.

Now, when I go to Target in Memphis...i have my keys out and i continuously lock my car to make it beep to draw attention to my car while i constantly scan the parking lot looking for possible rapists....then i check the car parked next to my drivers side to see if there are any possible abductors waiting....then i check the back of my car, my back seat, finally unlock one of my doors, jump in (bags in hand) and then immediately lock my car....This is alot of work, so i have just quit going to Target in Memphis.

Okay...back to the point of my whole post....

In October, an acquaintence of mine was attacked in her own home ( a VERY safe neighborhood) and a few days later she died....this not only devestated me but it rocked my safe world even more. So, now everyone is a suspect, everyone is a bad guy, and EVERYONE is out to get me.

I have gotten in the habit of texting Brad random things that i think are unsafe or a threat, so IF something happens to me, then when the police question the last person i texted, he will be able to give them the information i provided....and THAT is the whole point of my blog....but i have digressed from my original story.

This morning, I was taking Miss Reagan out to potty.

They have recently opened the new club house behind my apartment, which makes me feel safe to some extent because now there are more people coming and going in that area, but it also makes me feel unsafe because ANYONE could be over there and wont be questioned for walking through my breezeway, etc...

Okay, back to Reagan pottying....I was standing there, encouraging her, and this man walked out of the gym in the clubhouse. He walked to his drivers side of his car (BTW...why would you DRIVE to the gym?) and stood there and STARED at Reagan and I. Just STARED...didnt get in his car, didnt do anything but stood there...CREEPY.

I kept glancing up at him but then majority of the time I kept my eyes on Reagan. A few minutes (YES...MINUTES) later he says to me (across the parking lot)...."Is that a Bichon?"

I replied, "No, she is a Maltese" He said "Are you sure?"

I then explained that Bichon and Maltese come from the same family line and they are cousin breeds and tend to favor, but she is for sure a Maltese....then he got in his car and drove away...slowly

I am freaked if ANYTHING happens to me, will the people that read my blog make sure that the police know that between the hours of 5 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. on Feb 19th a Chinese (is that the P.C. name these days?) man creeped me out. He is driving a beige/tan car and if you are leaving the club house headed out to Island drive, he lives toward the right (or that is the direction he drove). Have them see if the apartment keeps a log of who enters the building at what time. We have cards we have to scan to unlock the gym hopefully some kind of information is being kept because I have YET to see a camera on the parking lot. that is off my chest and i can rest easy! I told you...EVERYONE is a suspect.

In other news, i am headed home today to watch Greys with Jessica Arthur tonight and then take Rea to the puppy doctor tomorrow....wish us luck.

I am getting my second V-day gift from Bradley tonight, so i am sure i will have a post about that!!!

Have a wonderful day and weekend!!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My baby boo girl....

88 Days until graduation

200 Days until Florida Vacation....

I dont have much to say, just didnt want the countdown to lapse too long...

I am taking off work on Friday....I wish it was just for fun, but its strictly business...puppy business.

Reagan got stepped on this past was an accident....but it happened and she is now limping (and no, I did not step on her)

I am taking her to the vet on Friday and then hopefully to get her hair cut....she needs one BAD!!! I hope her little boo bear leg starts to feel better. I talked to the vet today and they told me to put Reagan on some SERIOUS bed like she does much to begin with...but i am supposed to carry her to go outside to potty, pick her up and put her on the bed/couch...etc.

I will keep everyone updated on her status...hopefully she wont need an X-ray...i hear those can get expensive (but my baby girl is worth it...)

For those of you who dont know my baby are some pictures of her...

She is so sneaky...taking a nap in my laundry (sorry for any intimates you may see)

Here she is...2008 Pumpkin Carving...can you tell which one is my baby girl and which one is the pumpkins???
Here she 2007....semi-new to my life and of course one of the cutest things ive ever seen!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines/One Year Together

89 Days until graduation

201 Days until Florida Vacation....

Now...let me update you all on my AMAZING Valentines/Anniversary weekend with Bradley...

Brad had Friday off, so whenever he woke up and got ready, he headed here. I was planning on taking an hour early off of work so we could just be together sooner. While I was at work...our clerk came and found me, she told me that she had something for me....I was afraid of what it may be b/c you NEVER know what the Veterans will be mad about....When I came out in the hallway...


In some unrelated news, while I was at work, my bra broke...yes, it was embarrassing and surprisingly I needed to go shopping for new after work Brad and I headed to Wolfchase Galleria on Germantown Parkway.....after some unsuccessful shopping...Brad and I decided to eat dinner at Joes Crab Shack.....not for any special occasion, just because we have been wanting to eat there for some time, and Brad has never eaten there.

Our super yummy Calamari appetizer!!!Bradley in his Bib...ready to eat his crab legs!!!I wore a bib too!!!!

After dinner (and some really yummy drinks) we headed back to my apartment to snuggle and spend time with our babies (Reagan and Patton)!!!

On Valentine's Day...we spent the day hanging out and doing some more we skipped on the bra shopping and went for my other dreaded clothing item...JEANS....

Needless to say, i didnt find jeans that I liked....but we did hit up the Chili's Happy Hour (2 for 1 drinks at Chilis in Memphis) and then TARGET!!!! My motto is "If its not at Target, then I dont need it"...while at Target, I bought the movie "W"...I am not the type of person who buys movies, but Anne is in that movie and I knew it would be something I wanted to have and keep forever.

We headed home to just kick back and relax because we were not going to be going out that night (that was saved for the next day)....On our way home, we decided to order out some Pei Wei, watch "W", and then open our gifts to each other after dinner. The dinner was yummy, the movie was good, and our gifts were so sweet and thought out.

I bought Bradley a 12 month membership to the "Beer of the Month Club"...he didnt see it coming and he LOVED IT....look at his sweet little face....

And here he is with his present...Bradley got me something that I NEVER expected....a BEAUTIFUL diamond, I am not much a jewelry person but that is because I dont have alot of "nice" jewelry....but now I do, and they arent kidding when they say that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"...Here is a picture of it....I look horrible, so dont focus on my face...

I am so proud of my necklace that I really have to show it off...this is a better picture of it...I am such a lucky girl to have such an AMAZING man!!!

After dinner and gifts, i fell asleep (like I always do) on the couch and then Brad had to wake me up and get me to get ready for bed while he got the puppies ready for bed and got the bed unmade...he is so sweet....

The next morning, Feb 15th, is our 1 year anniversary....i cant believe its been a whole year...its amazing how much has changed in a year and how far we have

We lounged around ALL DAY...and then got ready for dinner...Bradley wouldnt tell me where we were eating because he wanted to surprise me...but like I mentioned in an earlier blog, it was a fancy place where Brad was going to have to wear black pants....

Of course when I started to get ready...i had an emotional break down b/c i had "nothing to wear"....seriously?!?!?! Have you people seen my closet?? LOL

I finally chose a plain black dress and we were off....but not before we took some pictures with the self timer...(see my necklace???)

And then I stole a kiss....
We were lucky to find a parking spot right across the road from the restaurant...b/c parking in Memphis is crazy and walking in the dark in Memphis is dangerous....Here we are about to go into the restaurant...

Brad had made reservations at a very nice restaurant next to the Madison is called Grill 83 and it was SO amazingly good.....He had the famous "on the bone" 22 oz Filet, it was the BEST steak either of us have ever had....i got the "Ashley Farms Chicken" and Brad chose desert...some AMAZING Milk Chocolate something with Port infused cherries....WE WERE STUFFED WHEN WE LEFT THE RESTAURANT...

Sorry my post was so stinking long, but alot happened and when I look back on this post in the future, I dont want to forget a thing!!!

I hope all of your weekends were special to you too!!!



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quotes, Family, Puppies, Art

93 days till graduation

205 days till vacation

So...i am new to this whole blogger nation....and i am still getting used to updating/coming up with something that is actually interesting to everyone else to say.

So...I added some Gadgets...i saw that button on the edit page, but I havent really spent time delving into what all it has to offer....i got to work a little early this morning, so I spent a few minutes flipping through its arsenal....

This is what I added (like you cant see for yourself)

Motivational Quote of the Day....I added this simply because we all need a little motivation....especially when its 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon, you have been at work all day, and all you want to do is go home and stare at a tv screen....ok, i cant speak for all of you, but that is how I feel when i dont take my ADD I added a little motivation to my page for you afternoon bloggers (Jessie)!!!

Genealogy Sleuth Search...Ok, for those of you that dont know, I am a genealogy NERD...when I have the time to spend, I will spend hours calling my grandparents, asking questions, searching online, etc....i even have my family tree posted on the internet...and have connected with some VERY LONG DISTANT family members who answer my questions as well... My mom's mom (Grammy) has done genealogy for years and I guess I am such a family person that I want to do it as well...

Cute Puppies on one is a given...I love dogs, I have a bigger heart for dogs than I do people (and I dont mean my close friends, they rank up there with the dogs, I more mean random people)...but I love dogs. How many times have my friends had to emotionally pick me up off the floor b/c I was DEVESTATED about animals being euthanized ( actually became a bit of an obsession that they had to help me break...that is how we ended up with Patton, b/c i just couldnt let him go to the yeah, thats why I have the puppies on there...b/c there is nothing cuter in the world than a puppy...except for maybe Ethan Rhett Arthur...but he is a human and cute in a different way.

Vintage not much of an art person...i dont like pictures of "things" (except my friends and animals)....I guess I am more of an abstract art person...BUT, I also like history and the "look" of the vintage i added it...i mean, come on, why not??? I dont add pictures alot to my i have to have something interesting to look at for you people!!!

Well, thats all ive added for today...and whose to say that those Gadgets will even stay there...but they are fun and its my page!!!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Year together...

94 days until graduation

206 days until Florida

i dont have much else to say, but if I let too many days pass by without updating the countdown, then I stress my brain out counting the difference...

Valentines Day is the saturday....we, however, are not going out on Saturday (we are going on Sunday)...for several reasons

1) I dont like crowds or lots of people

2) I like going out when I want to go out, not when "the powers that be" tell me to go out...

3) The reason we are going out Sunday is because it happens to be our 1 year anniversary as well...1 YEAR...who wouldve thought??? I wasnt even able to SAY he was my boyfriend for more than half of our

4) I dont like/trust Memphis after dark...and on the day/night that people are going to be going out and spending money, i feel like we will all be targets for carjackings or robbery.

5) I get to spend Saturday shopping and dont have to rush home to get ready....

I am not sure what we are going to be doing...i know we are going to dinner, but not sure where...and I know that I was told that he will be "wearing his black pants" that tells me that its a big deal, b/c he only wears his uniform or he is busting out the black pants ladies and gents...guess I need to shave my legs....

I will update on what we ended up just ready to relax this weekend and eat more than steamed veggies and grilled fish (im on a diet)


Monday, February 9, 2009

Crisis Averted

Well, CRAP! I meant to keep my countdown going everyday...and then i got busy with REAL life and forgot to update now i have to subtract the days i have lived and update the countdown now...

96 days until graduation
208 days until Florida...

WHEW....crisis averted.

So, how is everyone this beautiful Monday?

I feel like the minutes this morning are passing very slowing...or maybe my clock is wrong...but I was sitting here, blog stalking, and thought to myself "surely, its time to start work" and when i looked at the clock, i was shocked that its only about 7:40 am....i was for sure it was well after 8 am.....

Maybe i got to work too early.....I had to after all...the VAPs are out and on the prowl for illegal parkers....and yes, I am one! (For those of you who are unfamiliar...VAPs is a term I have created for the VA Police....)

During orientation they came to talk to us and made the point several times "We are not Rent-A-Cops, we are federal policemen"...and I am not kidding, SEVERAL TIMES!!! I am not sure who they are trying to convince, me or themselves....

So, the VAPs are out making sure that no one is parking in the employee lot that isn't supposed to, and since I am a low person on the totem pole, I am not supposed to but still continue to (of course, rules done apply to me!)

I had to 007 my way to a parking spot and then avoid eye contact or physical contact with any of the VAPs who are kicking it in the parking lot patrolling.....

Another crisis averted....although, I feel confident I will have a ticket on my car this coming afternoon...

i spent the weekend in Jackson, Miss with my friend Lauren Hardy.... I am not much of a traveler, but she had an extra bed and Bradley was at drill, so I took the opportunity to be a good friend and headed down to see her and Eric Marks for the weekend...

It was fun to sit and reminise about OBU, Wilson Street, Eric sliding down the stairs in boxes, the Ten Commandments, when Eric was the reason we caught Jake cheating on Alicia with Keeley (lol)....oh those were some of the happy memories...i think one day i may blog about my OBU memories...back to the weekend

I needed a weekend to remind myself why I don't like going out....and when I woke up Saturday morning at 9:30 am with less than 5 hours of sleep under my belt and a HORRIBLE, THROBBING headache...i wasn't reminded of why I don't like going out...i was reminded of why I don't take shots....and I had only had one....seriously, only one! I didnt hate going was fun!

I took a shower and some Advil and we enjoyed the rest of the day.....

Crisis number 3...averted....

Well, time to get focused on the day ahead....

Saving the world, one ear at a time!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

101 days until graduation...

213 days until my Florida vacation....

I am super pumped about it so i will blog about it AGAIN...

On September 5th, The Buies, Brad and I will be loading up and heading out to the beautiful beaches of South Walton, Florida...We will be meeting up with Cara Beth's so fun cousin, Lauren and her husband Wayne and two of their unmarried friends (whew...not the only one not in holy matrimony)

We will be staying in the "Sunny Delight"

It is a "short walk" (which is a nice way of saying "wear your walking shoes and dont forget any essentials") to the beach.

It is also super close to the Red Bar AND my all time favorite the DONUTHOLE!!!!

I havent been there since spring break one year in college...and ive been DYING to go back!

I am also hoping (hint hint) that we can eat at The Back much better than the restaurant that has the same name in Hot Springs....this place is so good and you can look out at the ocean while you eat (duh, its florida)

Its calling my name already....and so is the gym...time to work out and try to fit back in to my swimsuits...I hope mine still fit b/c the swimsuits they are coming out with these days are next to NOTHING....YUCK

These days, now that I am poor, I am not much of a shopper...but one day (when its raining), or during the evening, I would like to visit the SilverSands Factory Stores...never a good deal but always a good

Ok...back to "working"....we ordered out for lunch so I have to meet the lady with our salads so i can give her the money....ADIOS
PS Watched American Idol last night...FELL IN LOVE WITH DANNY...the one who sang "Kiss From a Rose"....such a beautiful voice

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Counting down...

102 days until graduation

214 days until vacation

Im so ready to be done with my program and have those 3 initials after my name..the ones that I have worked SO hard for.... Au.D

I sent in my application for the Nashville TN job....ive also decided that IF I get hired there i WILL try out for the Tennessee Titans dance team....i have missed dancing so much this past year, but was unable to do it because I was still in school/working full time and I really couldnt give my progam ANY reason to not let me i decided to fly under the radar.

But next life will be my own again, and I can make my own, it will be a GREAT way to meet new people if I have to move to a town where I know close to no one!
Well....just a quick update on my life.
Gotta go check the basket for patients and then if no one is there...get my application ready for Shreveport LA.
Prayer Request:
That a job will open in Little Rock, AR for me to apply to...and that God willing, i will get the job!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Things to look forward to...

103 days until GRADUATION on May 16th (yes, i will be Dr. Hall)

215 days until VACATION in Florida (yes, i am still going to be Dr. Hall)

Thats the only update I have right now...i just wanted to get that recorded before I forgot...